Fairy Meadows; Best Place to Visit in 2024

Fairy Meadows, Best Place to Visit in 2024

Introduction and History of Fairy Meadows Pakistan

The name Fairy Meadows was given by German climbers who visited the area in the 1950s and called it Märchenwiese, meaning “fairy tale meadows”. The local name is Joot. The area was declared a National Park in 1995 by Pakistan’s government.

The history of Fairy Meadows is linked to Nanga Parbat, which has challenged mountaineers since the 19th century. The first successful mountain climb was made by Hermann Buhl in 1953, who started his climb from Ferry Meadows. Since then, many climbers have used Ferry Meadows as a base camp for climbing the Rakhiot face of Nanga Parbat.

Ferry Meadows is grassland near one of the base camp sites of Nanga Parbat, the highest mountain in Pakistan. It is located in the Diamer District of Gilgit-Baltistan. Fairy Meadows covers an area of about 800 hectares (2,000 acres). Ferry Meadows’ height is 3,300 meters (10,800 ft) above sea level. Ferry Meadows’ length and width vary depending on the terrain shape, but it is roughly 4 km long and 2 km wide. 

It is a popular tourist destination for its scenic beauty and mountain views. Fairy Meadow is a place of natural beauty and cultural heritage. Visitors can enjoy the alpine forest, grassland, wildlife, and local hospitality. It is also a place of adventure and exploration. Visitors can hike to Nanga Parbat’s base camp, or take a look at nearby attractions such as Beyal Camp, Nanga Parbat View Point, and Raikot Glacier.

The Ferry Meadows road was built in the 1960s by the Pakistani military to provide access to the base camp. The road is very narrow and dangerous, and only open to locals who provide Jeep transportation for visitors. From the end of the road, it takes about three to four hours of hiking to reach Ferry Meadows.

  • Fairy Meadows Location: How to Go Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows is a grassland located in the Diamer District of Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. It is near one of the base camp sites of Nanga Parbat, the highest mountain in Pakistan. Ferry Meadows is a popular tourist destination for its scenic beauty and views of the Nanga Parbat. It is also a starting point for trekkers who want to climb the Rakhiot face of the mountain. 

  • Fairy Meadows distance from Islamabad

1st Point: To Get Gilgit Baltistan

The distance from Islamabad to Ferry Meadows is 480 km. The main point and the most efficient route to reach Ferry Meadows from Islamabad is via the Gilgit-Baltistan border. You can get there via flight (best option) or by road. If you take a flight, it will take 2-hours. If you decide to drive by road then the entire journey takes approximately 12-14 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions. And the recommended route is:

Islamabad -> Mansehra -> Naran -> Babusar Pass -> Chilas -> Gilgit -> Raikot Bridge -> Ferry Meadows.

2nd Point: Gilgit to Raikot Bridge

When you reach Gilgit-Baltistan, your next destination is the Raikot Bridge. The distance is 80km and it will take 2 hours to reach there. For this ride you can hire a taxi (which is a bit expensive) or take a local bus to get there.

3rd Point: Raikot Bridge to Tattu Village

After reaching Raikot Bridge, the next destination is Tattu Village. There is only one way to reach Ferry Meadows, and that is an adventurous Jeep ride. It’s a 2 hour drive. Previously, it was not just bumpy mountain rides, but this one will be crazy as well. Recently, the road has been widened after a few accidents. So now the road is not as dangerous. The drivers are also experts, so there is no need to worry.

4th Point: Hiking


Fairy Meadows Hiking

Ferry Meadows is a 2-hour hike from Tattu Village. You should let the driver know the time and date of your departure before leaving the Jeep. You can also arrange horse porters if you want to. The rate is Rs 250 per km for carrying luggage. You can also ride a horse for Rs 2000. If you want to hike, that’s not a bad option either. The hike to Ferry Meadows is 5 km, and it takes about 2-3 hours. Summers can be very hot, which is why you should be prepared.

  • Fairy Meadows Road

In Pakistan, Ferry Meadows Road leads to Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest peak in the world. It’s 16 kilometers long, extremely narrow, and without barriers or maintenance, so it’s dangerous and breathtaking. One mistake on this road can result in death, which makes it one of the world’s most dangerous roads. Only experienced drivers with 4×4 vehicles can attempt it, and even then, they need to be very patient and careful. 

It is closed in winter, and only accessible during the summer. Despite the risks, many adventurers and nature lovers take this road to reach Ferry Meadows Pakistan. This is a beautiful grassland with stunning mountain views. Trekkers and climbers interested in exploring Nanga Parbat and its surroundings also enjoy Ferry Meadows.

  • Ferry Meadows Weather:

Ferry Meadows weather varies depending on the season and time of day. The best time to visit Ferry Meadows is between spring and autumn. This is when ferry meadows weather is pleasant outside, there’s fewer crowds, and prices are lower. However, choosing the best time to visit Ferry Meadow depends on your priorities and preferences. Here’s a general Information:

Summer (June to August): Fairy meadow temperatures average 15-20°C in the daytime. Nighttime temperatures can drop to 5-10°C. Rain showers are common.

Autumn (September to November): Ferry meadow temperatures average 5-15°C in the daytime. Temperatures drop below freezing at night. Rainfall is less frequent.

Winter (December to February): Typically cold with temperatures around -5°C to 0°C. The nights can be extremely cold, with temperatures dipping as low as -15°C. Snowfall is common.

Spring (March to May): Day temperatures reach around 5-15°C and night temperatures reach around 0-5°C. Rain showers become more frequent.

 Hiking: Ferry Meadows Trek & Nanga Parbat Base Camp

Hiking to Ferry Meadows is a wonderful way to experience Pakistan’s beauty and the majesty of Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain in the world. Ferry Meadows hiking track is not a very difficult track, but it does require some preparation and planning. Which is also known as Killer Mountain because of its difficulty and danger of climbing. 

The trek starts in a village called Tato. The Ferry Meadows Track distance from Tato to Ferry Meadows is about 10 km, and it takes around 3 to 4 hours to hike. It is a well-marked trail, mostly flat except for the last 2 kilometers, which are uphill. In the Ferry Meadows, at the base of Nanga Parbat, you can camp or stay.


Fairy Meadows Hiking

From Fairy Meadows, you can hike to Nanga Parbat Base Camp. This is the starting point for climbers who want to climb the peak. As there is a glacier to cross and a pass to cross, the hike to the base camp is more challenging and longer than the hike to Fairy Meadows. A hiking distance of about 13 km takes around 6 to 8 hours. Fairy Meadows Nanga Parbat Base Camp is open for overnight camping, or you can do it as a day trip.

 Camping: Fairy Meadows Night View

Camping at Fairy Meadows night view is an unforgettable experience for anyone who loves nature and adventure. The mountain’s night view is breathtaking, as it glows with moonlight and stars. The sky is so clear and dark that you can see the Milky Way and other constellations. The bright flame of your campfire throws dancing shadows on the canvas, painting a brief picture of adventure and discovery. 

With no city lights to disturb them, stars shine in a million diamond-bright points, stitching the stars into night’s fabric. Silence is only broken by wind and animals. At night, the temperature drops significantly, and the air is crisp and fresh. You can stay in a tent or a wooden hut, and enjoy a cozy fire and a hot meal. Camping at Ferrry Meadows Pakistan night view is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the sublime beauty of the galaxy and Killer Mountain.

  • Camping Sites: 4 Best Camping Sites in Fairy Meadows

Choosing the most suitable camping site in Fairy Meadows can truly elevate your experience in this breathtaking Pakistani landscape. Here are four of the best camping sites in Fairy Meadows;

Fairy Meadows Central Meadows

Fairy Meadows Central Meadows is one of the camping spots at Fairy Meadows, where you can enjoy views of Nanga Parbat and the surrounding snow-capped scenery. Located near the grassland center, it features basic facilities, such as toilets, showers, and electricity. It is possible to bring your own tent or rent one at the campsite. There is also a restaurant on the campsite that serves local and continental cuisine.


Fairy Meadows Camping

Beyal Camp

Beyal Camp is a small camping spot a few kilometers from Fairy Meadows. Here, you can enjoy Nanga Parbat’s views and the surrounding snowy scenery. It is an ideal place to rest and prepare before continuing to Nanga Parbat Base Camp, or to return after visiting the base camp. However, note that limited facilities and the longer trek make it less ideal for beginners.

Nanga View Point Campsite


Nanga perbat viewpoint

The higher altitude of this option provides stunning views of the surrounding mountains. Those who are experienced campers and want to be closer to the base camp, as well as enjoy challenging hikes, will find this to be the best option. You should prepare for cold temperatures and limited facilities.

Raikot Glacier Viewpoint Campsite

In addition to offering amazing views of Nanga Parbat, the Raikot Glacier Viewpoint Campsite provides you with the chance to experience the mountain ranges around it. The campsite is situated on a high altitude between Beyal Camp and Nanga Parbat Base Camp, and is the ideal place for resting and taking photos. There are toilets, showers, electricity, and food available at the campsite. You can bring your own tent or rent one from the locals.

fairy meadows cottages


3 Best Tourist Attractions in Fairy Meadows

Fairy Meadows is a beautiful place to visit in Pakistan, and there are many beautiful tourist attractions nearby to explore. Some of the nearby tourist attractions are:

  • Reflection Lake

This is a small lake that reflects Nanga Parbat, especially at sunrise and sunset. It is a popular spot for photography and relaxation, and it is located near Beyal Camp.

nanga perbat

  • Raikot Glacier Viewpoint

This is a viewpoint near the Raikot Glacier, where you can enjoy incredible views of Nanga Parbat and the surrounding mountains. It is located about halfway between Beyal Camp and Nanga Parbat Base Camp, and it is an excellent place to rest and take photos.

  • Rama Lake 

This is a scenic lake in the Astore Valley, surrounded by pine forests and snow-capped peaks. It is a peaceful and serene place to visit, and is located about 50 km from Fairy Meadows. You can reach it by jeep ride or hike, and you can camp near the lake.

Fairy Meadows Hotels & Fairy Meadows Cottages

Fairy Meadows cottages offers a diverse range of accommodation options to suit every budget and travel style, from charming guesthouses and cozy cabins to luxury hotels, cottages and camping under the stars.

Fairy Meadows cottages

  • Fairy Meadows Cottages:

They are wooden cottages near the fairy meadows cottages and include attached washrooms, dining halls, and lawns. A double room costs about Rs 5000 per night, and there is free breakfast and Wi-Fi available.

  • North Inn Hotel Fairy Meadows:

Located in Tattu village, where the trek to Fairy Meadows starts, this hotel has a garden, a terrace, and a restaurant. Double rooms cost around PKR 3000 per night.

  • Beyal Camp:

In this small camping spot, you can rent a tent or a wooden hut. It has basic amenities like toilets, showers, electricity, and food for PKR 500 per night.

Beyal camp

  • Raikot Sarai

This is a guest house with a garden, a terrace, and a restaurant near Raikot Bridge, where the Jeep ride to Fairy Meadows begins. Double rooms are around PKR 2500 per night.

  • Fairy Meadows Greenland Resort

The resort offers free breakfast, WiFi, parking, and a barbecue, and is near the meadow entrance. Its price per night is about PKR 4000 for a double room.

  • Nanga Parbat View Point Hotel

You can enjoy panoramic mountain views from this hotel, which has a garden, a terrace, and a restaurant. It’s located near Nanga Parbat View Point. The price per night is around PKR 3000 for a double room.

  • Fairy Meadows Broad View Hotel

This is a hotel with a garden, a terrace, and a restaurant. It is located near the center of the meadow, and offers free breakfast, WiFi, parking, and a barbecue. The price per night is around PKR 4500 for a double room.

  • Fairy Meadows Paradise Hotel

The price per night for a double room is around PKR 4000, and it has a garden, terrace, and restaurant. It is located near the end of a meadow, and it offers free breakfast, WiFi, parking, and barbecue facilities.

You can Book Hotel online from Here

 Local Cuisine

Ferry Meadows offers an exceptional dining experience that blends local flavors with influences from nearby regions. Here are some mouth-watering dishes to satisfy your taste buds:

  • Chapchoro

Slow-cooked lamb or yak meat, potatoes, onions, tomatoes, and spices form a flavorful and comforting stew in Ferry Meadows.

  • Dawdoo

Dawdoo, which is similar to Indian roti, is a popular dish at Ferry Meadows, served with melted butter or ghee, and traditionally cooked in a tandoor.

  • Chamus

There is nothing more refreshing than a chutney or yogurt dip to enjoy with these deep-fried dumplings filled with minced meat, lentils, onions, and spices.

  • Mamtoo: 

A delicious and satisfying way to start the day, mamtoo is a pancake made with rice flour, yogurt, sugar, and fruit for a sweet and savory breakfast or snack.

  • Sharbat

Ferry Meadows has many flavors of Sharbat, including mango, strawberry, and mulberry. It is made from fresh fruit, yogurt, and sugar.

  • Molida

This creamy yogurt soup is a favorite in the Hunza Valley, which extends to Ferry Meadows. Made with yogurt, milk, and flour, it’s often seasoned with fresh herbs and spices.

  • Garma: 

There is a local specialty called garma, fermented barley bread served with butter or cheese.

  • Berikutz: 

Ferry Meadows’ favorite deep-fried pastry, berikutz, is made with flaky dough and filled with nuts or sugar.

  • Harissa: 

It’s a hearty and flavorful meal made with meat, vegetables, and spices, and it’s popular in the Hunza Valley.



Q1. What is Fairy Meadows famous for?

Fairy Meadows is known for its picturesque lush green mountains and the World’s ninth biggest mountain Nanga Parbat (the Killer Mountain) is located in Diamer District of the Gilgit-Baltistan region, Pakistan.

Q2. How long is the Ferry Meadows hike?

Ferry Meadows is accessible by a 12 km jeep track starting from the Raikhot bridge on the Karakoram Highway to Tato. Further from Tato, it takes about three to four hours to hike on a 5km track or by horse to Ferry Meadows.

Q3. What is the story of Ferry Meadows in Pakistan?

Ferry Meadows are where Nanga Parbat legends are kept alive. These legends are told by generations of villagers who witnessed the hundreds of climbers who never climbed its icy walls.

Q4. Why is Nanga Parbat known as Killer Mountain?

Nanga Parbat is notorious for being an extremely difficult climb. It has earned the nickname Killer Mountain for its high number of climber fatalities and pushing climbers to their limits.

Q5. What is the difference between Hunza Valley and Ferry Meadows?

Ferry Meadows is famous for its lush green alpine meadows with the highest view of Nanga Parbat (8,126m). While the Hunza Valley is famous for it is rich cultures and traditions. Hunza Valley has many more attractions for travelers from around the world to visit.

Q6. Which is the most beautiful meadow in Pakistan?

Ferry Meadows National Park is one of Pakistan’s most beautiful places to visit.

Q7. Does SCOM work in Ferry Meadows?

This is a quiet and peaceful place on the KKH at Buner Das that is specially suited for your night stay if you are traveling to Ferry Meadows, Astore, Gilgit, or Skardu. On-call lunch is also available. The Zong and SCOM networks work perfectly at this location as well.

Q8. What is the deadliest mountain in Pakistan?

A total of 66 people have died in 284 attempts. K2 is known as Savage Mountain after climber George Bell said “It’s a savage mountain that tries to kill you” after an expedition in the 1950s.

Q9. Is K2 higher than Nanga Parbat?

Most of the tallest mountains in Pakistan are located in the Karakoram range (the highest is K2, globally ranked 2nd, 8611m), while some high mountains are in the Himalaya (the highest is Nanga Parbat, globally ranked 9th, 8126 m).


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